Title: Like A Boy + G.U.Y. (Mash-Up)
Artist: Lady Gaga/Ciara
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Ciara/Lady Gaga Mash-up - Like A Boy + G.U.Y.

by DJ Linuxis

-sobbing noises- oh my god y ES

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Anonymous ;  
If you shaved everyday your boyfriend would have probably married you already.



Really? If I shaved everyday I wouldn’t be me. We comfortable. It’s good.

& We have like the cutest, most unconditional love ever. Get out of here. The other day he came over, I was in horrible pain, I had gross hair, I hadn’t shaved, and to be honest I probably smelled. He helped me pee, he got me medicine, left a note for my mom of the time that I took meds, helped me brush my teeth, made my coffee and oatmeal, helped me into bed. Kissed my face all over so sweetly since I can’t move my neck or lift my face, kissed all of my ouchies, kissed my tummy since it was hurting and then my forehead  and head again. & remember I had gross hair, was possibly smelly and unshaved. True, unconditional, love. <3

Wow. Anon. .. wow


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Meet Marvel comics’ new Thor - she’s not what you’d expect! 

Learn more & see some exclusive art from the upcoming comics series


Marvel is excited to announce an all-new era for the God of Thunder in brand new series, THORwritten by Jason Aaron (Thor: God of ThunderOriginal Sin) complimented with art from Russell Dauterman (Cyclops).

This October, Marvel Comics evolves once again in one of the most shocking and exciting changes ever to shake one of Marvel’s “big three” – Captain American, Iron Man and Thor – Marvel Comics will be introducing an all-new THOR, GOD OF THUNDER. No longer is the classic male hero able to hold the mighty hammer, Mjölnir, a brand new female hero will emerge will who will be worthy of the name THOR. Who is she? Where did she come from and what is her connection to Asgard and the Marvel Universe?

“The inscription on Thor’s hammer reads ‘Whosoever holds this hammer, if HE be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.’ Well it’s time to update that inscription,” says Marvel editor Wil Moss. “The new Thor continues Marvel’s proud tradition of strong female characters like Captain Marvel, Storm, Black Widow and more. And this new Thor isn’t a temporary female substitute - she’s now the one and only Thor, and she is worthy!”

i may have cheated on my boyfriend with this woman

she changes you

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I wanna be

where the people are


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I’ve loved you.
I instantly did.
I loved you from the moment we first made contact.
The first moment that your voice escaped your lips.
The same day that I got to touch your hand and feel like my existence was forever frozen in time.
The day that you called me yours.
The day that I called you mine.
I knew from those times you kissed away my tears.
I knew when you opened up to me, and thought I was going to judge you or walk away…
..But I didn’t.
I knew as you’d stare at me as we lay snuggled up.
And when I’d ask you what’s on your mind,
You’d smile and say,”nothing.”
So there is no doubt in my mind on what we have.
I don’t care how much or little time there is that we have together.
But it’s worth it.
It’s worth all of the effort.
It’s worth all of the patience that I cannot even fathom to stomach.
You are worth everything to me.
And without you, I am nothing.
You are that ray of sunshine in the morning that peeks through my window to wake me up to another beautiful day.
You are that aroma that I recognize when I walk past another person, and instantly desire your presence.
You are the moon that keeps my world in balance.
To you I’d give everything.
And wish for nothing in return.
All that I want, I already have.
And it’s only three things.
Your attention,
Your respect,
And your love.
Thank you. Thank you for loving me, for me. —(via survivedthedistance)
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I’m not ready….
I’m not ready for our first hellos.
Our first hugs and kisses.
For his voice to actually sound so crystal clear when he speaks.

For me to be able to touch his hands.
To be able to touch his face.
I’m not ready to fall in love,
Just to see him walk away.
I’m not ready to be so happy to see him
I’m not ready to feel like he’s truly mine
I’m not ready to dread every hour that passes
Because I know he’ll have to go back home after some time
I’m not ready to grow closer to him
I’m not ready for our first date
I’m not ready to wake up and realize that he’s sleeping in front of me.
I’m not ready for the, “I love you’s.”
I’m not ready to be missed
When he has to go back home.
And walks away after giving me a kiss.
I’m not ready to watch him leave.
I’m not ready for me to cry
As I feel completely empty
When he has to say, “Goodbye.”

(18 days until I see him)



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There is nothing I wouldn’t do to have you here with me right now. Saying goodbye to you breaks my heart, missing you is the most empty and exhausting feeling ever. I just wish you could come home, I need you here, but you have to be there, and that literally kills me.

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